Wednesday 18 August 2010

Thank you for sharing your 豐盛的劍橋人生

Hi Dominic,

I received the book this afternoon and finished reading it before dinner! It's such a delightful read. I truly enjoyed it. Thank you for sharing your 豐盛的劍橋人生。我覺得你的分享寫的很真實真誠。樸實無華,生動有趣。 書中有好幾處的細節令我發出會心的微笑。很自然的產生共鳴更甚至感同身受。其中亦有不少的描寫勾起自己對過去數年大學生活的回憶。當我讀到你痛失好友阿Sir,也感到心酸。那麼年輕, 生命才剛剛開始啊。 但他曾追夢也曾圓夢,生命雖短, 卻也稱得上是不枉此生。大學生涯確是人生最燦爛的時光, 也是人生最美好的回憶。我深信你的書- 八載劍橋, 是你給自己, 家人和朋友的一份永恆的,珍貴的禮物。感激你的分享。 謝謝。


BTW, not very good at typing in Chinese. Couldn't work out how to get the right punctuation marks i was looking for. Never mind.

p.s. Pigeon Hole-- pre-email age, 我幾乎已經把它完全忘記了!LOL!

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