Saturday 14 August 2010

Just finished your book! I really enjoyed it!!

Just finished your book! I really enjoyed it!! I have been to Cambridge several times and yes, it is a such a beautiful place. But I think what impressed me the most are your reflections - sort of the 'teachable moments' that you remember from being there. I think it is awesome that you've been able to capture not only the details of your experiences but all the emotions that came along with it! Like the wait for your acceptance and scholarship, that gut wrenching anxiety was pretty much my experience in waiting for school acceptances.

I also think is cool how you've pin pointed the pivotal point which changed your life forever - essentially, your parents' decision to send you to boarding school... I think many of us do have those moments when in hindsight, was pretty much the biggest course changing event...

I can just imagine how proud your parents must be - with everything you've done and all your accomplishments. Now that I am a mom, I definitely think about what are the best ways for me to nurture curiosity in my daughter - which I think is the most fundamental element in many successful and happy people I know! And clearly, I think your parents have done such an amazing job to nurture that constant curiosity which you carry all the time -

Anyways - just some thoughts for your book - I am so proud of you and thanks for sending me a signed copy :)


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